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The More I Heal..Teal

The More I Heal..Teal

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The more I heal the wetter my p-u-s-s-y getss

I thought about this the first time I had a * surprise positive moment* in my pleasure journey

Tbh there was a time I didn't think I'd get to the level of ease with my body and my pleasure that I am now

And I know it is directly in relation to the healing I've done, the way I've loved me and the way my I've found truly amazing and supportive people in my life 

So yes, this is a cute ass stickers, and also I really awesome celebration for me ✌🏾😘🥳 (peace sign, kissy face and party emoji)



3 in x 2.4 in

Glossy vinyl 

Dishwasher safe


Image Description 

A dark teal sticker is the shape of a water splash

The words are black and outlined in white. They say: "the more I heal the wetter my p-u-s-s-y gets"

In the corners are black and blue water droplets 

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