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Sloth Card 4 pack

Sloth Card 4 pack

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A lil encouragement goes a long way

Gift these cards to anyone who you thinks needs a lil encouragement 

Sloths are my absolute favorite animal...they move incredibly slow and somehow have managed to survive and thrive admisdt this weird capitalist world.. aspirations truly <3 


5 x 7 

4 in a pack 

Comes with envelopes 

Image Description 

A beige card with a picture of a sloth hanging on a branch on the front. The words "feel better friend"

On the inside of the card the words: "you got this" 

And "take what you need: affection affirmation hug cuddle nap listening validation to scream/yell quiet community permission to feel

On the back "riotous Roots creates "

Comes with white envelope 

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