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Love to Covid Cautious Queers!

Love to Covid Cautious Queers!

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Love to Covid Cautious Queers 

A bigger version!

A lil love note to queers still masking and doing community care is action <3

This came out of post I made called "Love Notes to Covid Cautious Queers "

I honestly didn't think people would notice but it took off and I was like wow OK we are out there. So like the stereotype of a queer I am, I made a sticker lol

I hope you love it.


4.1 x 2.4 inches


Dishwasher safe

Image Description 

A sticker that is shaped like a cloud up top and on the sides and the bottom is flat. It is light purple/lavender. In blue words it says "Love to Covid Cautious Queers " behind and around the words are different shades of light blue and lighter purple clouds.

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