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Earth is Nonbinary: Snail Green

Earth is Nonbinary: Snail Green

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Earth is Nonbinary! Get it Earth! 

A delicious sticker with the cutest snail and even cuter tiny snail fren hitching a ride on their back


Remember my nonconforming peeps..gender is a construct and there is evidence of us in nature everywhere <3



3.7 x 3 inches 

Glossy Vinyl

Dishwasher safe 

Cute af


Image Description: 

A green rectangular sticker with a big snail and a super tiny snail on it that says Earth is Nonbinary in dark blue in the top left and "get it earth" along the side of the big snail on the right. Both snails are light green and very light blue patterned. They are smiling and you can see their red mouths. There are small dark blue lines around the snails to give the illusion of emphasizing their joy.

I love this one so much.

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