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Chronic Babe: Rainbow

Chronic Babe: Rainbow

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Chronic Babe: Rainbow

All love and hugs to queer disabled babes with chronic conditions. Immunocompromised, chronic pain, flares, all the shit too complicated and annoying to name..You know, we are still worth it 

And we are still so so hot !

I feel like I'm really coming into myself as an artist and I'm really interested in making shit that I like and only that.

I hope you love it.


3.1 x 3 inches


Dishwasher safe

Square shape


Image Description 

A Square sticker that is a wavy rainbow pattern. think 70s groovy. in black words says: "Chronic Babe, Hotter than a Heat Flash"

under is a bright green shooting star. coming from the star are 3 curved lines, pink, blue and white

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